Project to Identify Talents

The “Project to Identify Talents” has been founded in collaboration with ISM ACADEMY srl, with the purpose to identify young talents. The purpose of such Program is to identify young athletes with superior technical and tactical skills, guiding them towards a possible contract with the Teams.


There are two types of “Project to Identify Talents”, differing in commitment and duration:

  • - The “Year-Round Program” that has a duration of 9 months (September to June) and coincides with the school or academic year’s beginning and end;
  • - The “Monthly Program” that has a duration of either 1, 2, 3 or 6 months and can be attended during any period of the football season.


1st Year

The player enrolls in the “Project to Identify Talents “(PR.I.T.) at a “Soccer Development Center” (SDC). At the beginning of the Program all players will have a technical and tactical evaluation by professional Clubs’ scouts and coaches ( Empoli, Udinese, Perugia) and will be subject to a specific technical program. Every year a final Tryout is organized in June.

2nd Year

The selected players during the final tryout will have the opportunity to take an annual test with a professional Club.

3rd Year

If, at the end of the test, the athlete meets the technical and tactical requirement given by the Club, the player will be awarded with an official membership card and a contract by the Club itself.

Project to Identify Talents



The “Project to Identify Talents” technical training Program is identical, in intensity and contents, to the one used by Italian professional Clubs such as Empoli FC. Athletes participating the PR.I.T. develop their technical and tactical skills through a daily work program identical to that set for professional players.

Measuring Performances

Every 3 months the Academy will provide the athletes with personalized reports where the technical and tactical parameters will be evaluated in order to measure effective improvements. Technical and tactical lacking aspects will be identified since the very beginning and the athletes will be given accordingly specific training.

Comparing with Professionals

All the athletes, attending the PR.I.T will try-out, at least 4 times during the soccer season, in Youth academy clubs we cooperate with (Empoli FC, AC Perugia, SS Lazio, etc..). Moreover, they will be involved in friendly matches having, not only the purpose to show theeir own technical abilities but also to compare and understand the average professional requirements needed by Clubs.


Paolo Rossi Academy will provide each player with a complete training kit. Every kit includes the following:

Winter jacket
Training playsuit
Representation playsuit
N.1 Polo shirt m.l. and N.1 Polo shirt m.c.
Soccer shirt
Soccer socks
Soccer shorts
N.2 training suits m.c. and N.2 training suits m.l.
Winter cap
Rain jacket



During the "Year-Round Project to Identify Talents" managers of professional Clubs will evaluate every player's technical abilities in order to plan a future cooperation with the Club.

Coaches, Agents and Talent Scouts will attend the FINAL TRYOUT AT THE END OF THE PROGRAM providing same chances to all players but at the same time identifiyng those most talented.


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