Paolo Rossi

Champion of the world 1982

"“Competition has always been in my DNA. Winning is not enough, it’s necessary to know how to!”"


Paolo Rossi was World Champion with the Italian national team in 1982, in which competition was top scorer with 6 goals and then Ballon d'Or: he is part of the Champions’ trio, together with Mario Kempes and Ronaldo, who have achieved these three goals in the same year. Paolo is the only man who has ever scored three goals against Brazil.

 capocannoniere serie b con il vicenza

21 Goals ('76 - '77)

Top-goalscorer in Italian Serie B with Vicenza

24 Goals ('77 - '78)

Top-goalscorer in Italian Serie A with Vicenza

coppa dei campioni paolo rossi

6 Goals ('82 - '83)

Top-goalscorer in Champions League with Juventus

Mondiale 1978

20 Goals

Goals in the National team

mondiali spagna 1982

6 Goals 1982

Top-goalscorer in the National team and World Cup 1982

Paolo rossi soccer accademy

Golden year: 1982

World Champion and Ballon d’Or

My philosophy

"…determination, courage, loyalty, respect for others, fair play, entertaining and having fun
Living and arousing strong emotions like it happened to me in 1982"


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